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Do you provide Homecare and In-Home Psychotherapy?

Yes we do. Golden Minds Homecare provides compassionate and skilled care-givers to assist our clients with their activities of daily living.  Through our partnership with MyQuietPlaceCounseling, we provide NYS licensed and skilled psychotherapists to successfully address the challenges one may face in their golden years such as cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, loneliness and other issues.  Care-givers and therapists understand our Gold Standard of Care and reinforcing the mind-body connection to help our valued clients live their best life possible.

What Homecare services do you offer?

Some of the services our amazing care-givers provide are: standy-by assistance, meal preparation, general shopping and errands, light house-keeping, medication reminders, memory games, transportation to appointments or social visits, assistance with pet-care, social companionship and more!

What is the first step in the process to receive Home Care?

Contact us via email or phone. We will schedule a free in-home consultation where we will work together to develop a comprehensive care-plan for your loved one.  We will then carefully suggest a suitable care-giver based on your preferences and requirements. If you are not completely satisfied, we will make the necessary adjustments until you are.

What is the process for hiring care-givers?

We have a rigorous interview process for all care-givers. We verify references and provide a thorough background check.  We are looking for the best of the best.

Are care-givers bonded and insured?

Yes. All of our care-givers are bonded and insured for the protection of all parties.

In-Home Psychotherapy

What Psychotherapy services do you offer?

The experienced psychotherapists from MyQuietPlaceCounseling understand the challenges seniors and their loved ones may face. The golden years can be difficult when one suffers from cognitive decline, depression, anxiety or other issues which may accompany the aging process. Our therapists provide therapeutic counseling sessions to address the many issues resulting from the aging process to successfully enhance the client’s quality of life. We also provide creative arts therapy which can be art therapy or dance/movement therapy. This is especially effective for people with Dementia/Alzheimer’s . We provide counseling to care-givers, the disabled or anyone else looking to receive skilled and compassionate mental health counseling from the comfort of their home.

How do I know if I need Psychotherapy?

We can decide that together during our initial discussions or in-home assessment. Psychotherapy has been shown to help seniors more effectively cope with the aging process and stay healthier.

What is your process for hiring psychotherapists?

Being an experienced psychotherapist for many years, our founder interviews and hires all therapists with the right skill-set to help our clients. All therapists receive a thorough background check and licenses and references are verified.

Is my therapy confidential?

100%. All of our therapists are held to the highest HIPPA standards.

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