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“Love, care and treasure the elderly people in the society.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

Welcome to our Golden Minds Homecare agency. We are happy you decided to visit our page. My name is Marina Krugolets and I am the Owner/Operator. I have been practicing as a Mental Health Counselor and a Psychotherapist specializing in Adult and Geriatric psychology and providing psychotherapy for over 15 years with various diagnoses and psychological challenges. My work has been addressing the needs of my clients and their families in understanding and managing their personal/interpersonal psychological, emotional and behavioral difficulties as well as their family members’ challenges of daily living (my oldest client being 100 years old, imagine this person’s life experience and wisdom!). A large part of my professional experience has been dedicated to working with elderly clients residing in medical rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and private residences. I have practiced in both inpatient and outpatient mental health clinics and hospitals; presently I provide psychotherapy in my private practice in NY where I also have the pleasure of meeting and helping my elderly clients. My work with the geriatric population in managed care facilities has been the most significant and eye-opening as well as meaningful experience of all. It provided me with a deep insight into human suffering and a multitude of useful ways of approaching the issues that may arise in the golden years, both individually and as a family unit. It has taught me great patience, compassion, empathy, and camaraderie in managing patient care with the whole medical team and a better understanding of the human psyche and our unique situations in life. It is my personal belief that caring for elderly clients requires a team approach and open, honest communication between healthcare providers (i.e. care-givers, psychotherapists, care managers, doctors and of course family members). By obtaining all of the needed connective links with the latter mentioned professionals we can ensure the best possible care plan and completion of the ultimate goal of successful patient care- a happy, stable, satisfied and balanced client. This is the sole goal of Golden Minds Homecare, the Gold Standard of care, positively reinforcing the Mind-Body connection in our clients’ lives by providing them with the best possible physical, emotional and psychological care in the comfort of their homes.


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